Who is Cilantro Chronicles?

Hello Hello! Welcome to Cilantro Chronicles! I’m Nureen and I’ll be the main contributor to this page. When I started this page I was a working mom but since then, I have quit my job and I stay home with my little guy, Hasan. I am so excited to share some of my delicious recipes with you all.

How did I get into cooking? I come from a family of great cooks and I married into a family of great cooks. Growing up, I only cooked when my mom didn’t want to or was unavailable. Since my mom cooked primarily Indian food, it was a nice getaway for me to try new things. I joke that cooking was more fun when you have daddy’s credit card to buy all the random ingredients.

When I got married, I moved to a different state. My husband’s family is also from the same area of India that mine is from so it wasn’t much of a culinary adjustment. But, every family cooks a little differently. So, now here I was a state away craving my mom’s food. So I learned her recipes and adjusted them to my taste! Thus, a beautiful combination was born.

What do I cook? So, I’m a lazy cook. I like the food to taste exceptional but I don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen or go grocery shopping. So laziness turned into innovation. I like to try a lot of new dishes from around the world but I’ll make them with whatever I have in the pantry.

A lot of times you’ll see me refer to my dishes as “accidental masterpieces”. These are basically dishes that I somehow invent when I don’t know EXACTLY what I want or I have limited ingredients.

What’s the deal with Instagram? Okay so I am currently blogging here and on Instagram. One day I hope to venture into making YouTube videos and maybe a Pinterest board. Instagram is a great way for YOU to share your re-creations of my dishes. So follow me and share pictures of what you’re making. It’s also the best way for you to ask me questions. My husband says I’m addicted to Instagram, and I am. But it’s because I LOVE talking to you guys. So pop by and say Hello!